Roman England

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I FINALLY get to write about our summer vacation. We went to Bath (by car), and we stayed in two different hotels on the way and in Bath (well, Batheaston), we stayed in a lovely cottage. It was the first vacation with family members missing (my two now adult sisters).  Well, I love long trips, I love reading in the car, listening to music, falling asleep and just relaxing the whole time. 169 167And it’s sometimes even beautiful to drive around. Every time I’ve been to England (like four times now) it has been sunny most of the time. Rainy England? I don’t know it. England’s weather presents itself rather goodly when I visit.
Uhm, now, how should I continue? There is a lot about that week I won’t publish – it would be simply too much! I tried to choose the best photographs … Well, our cottage. I loved it, especially the big window in the living room. And I loved the breakfasts. I really did. Somehow, when I think of that vacation, I smell coffee and bread with jam. Or the brilliant black tea. My goodness. They HAVE to export that to Germany. 323684Well, you may know or not, that in the Romans were having their Roman Baths in Bath( Haha, this sounds so stupid), because there are England’s only hot springs. Of course we visited it – it’s the reason Bath is so popular and the reason for all the tourists – but we didn’t visit it in the afternoon (we would have had to wait hours) but in the evening. Only few visitors were there and the lights went on and it was amazing. My dad and I even joked around with the sign…415 405 377 344Don’t mind the bad quality, like I said it was getting late and less light means less quality. We walked around after that visit and passed by the cathedral. In reality, one was not able to see the colors of the lights. But as I took a photo, I was surprised. 421On one morning (the night had been terrible, I hardly slept because of no reason I couldn’t fall asleep) I sneaked out and walked up the hill (5am) and I took pictures as the sun came up. Unfortunately the trees were in the way, but the clouds went pink anyway.554And one day we went to Castle Combe. That is such a cute village, so old and charming and everything, with a little church, a place to shop cake, a café… Lovely.482472497Last but not least: The cathedral. When we entered, there was this creepy organ music, if it’s worth to be called music at all. Must have been some so called ‘modern’ stuff’, but honestly, to me it sounded like a mad person rolling the head over the keys. But as it stopped, we began to enjoy our visit.608I’m glad I finally found some time to publish this!

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Root Out

Namasté! I tried to post something earlier but my creativity was taking a break… Oh, and I broke my finger, that makes it a little bit more complicated for me to type long texts… Anyway. Some time ago I had a friend over and we decided to use the sunshine and take some … well, interesting pictures ;). 012036 089 103Jup. And then I decided to go for a walk on Friday. I maybe should have warned my mum that I would be gone for several hours because as the sun started to say goodbye, she worried and went looking after me. How was she supposed to know I was only about three minutes away from our house at that time? But I enjoyed my walk, I made it to the forest and found lots of fallen trees!191 200 198 192I think that all that happened when the last storm hit our region. Hm… Oh, but before I was in between all the trees, a I got a cute scene before my lens. I once looked up all my pictures and noticed how I always photograph flowers or whatever plants but never every-day-life scenes. But the following one might be a good start.152After all I can’t help being amazed by all the details of plants. So …183 158As I sat down on a fallen tree in the forest, my camera battery was low and then died… so I was out there all by myself without a phone and without a watch, oops! This was the last picture I took:206Unfortunately for me I found the best things after my camera died, but I’m sure I will go again and then do the catching up. And something is telling me I might have found one of these ‘special places’ which I might soon call my favorite place to hide out when I need time for myself.

The weather by the way is just great here in Germany!


Flora ♥