Life is colorful

Hey there,

I thought I’d better start writing my articles because I have sooo many pictures to share! And a lot has been going on. I love summer.  But first I need to show you this:005bThis is a picture of the most perfect Rhythmic-Gymnastic-bun I’ve ever made by myself. It’s really difficult for me because my hair is long and smooth (most of the time) and buns don’t really … exist as long as I want them to. When I have one and go visit some place, I feel like I have to recreate it every five minutes so I’ll end up turning it into a pony tail. But this time it worked! However, it turned out useless as we got disqualified at the tournament because of a long story I won’t tell you about. ;)
033I hope my sister wont mind me posting this one, but I love it too much! It is off focus, I know, but anyway, it’s beautiful. My sister graduated and I was proud to visit the so called ‘ABI-Ball’. 132

Now, I don’t know what you think, but in my opinion everyone should eat lots of berries during summer! I love berries. But then we found this…112b 122bA … slug? I’m not sure, I just looked up the word but unfortunately for me there are a lot of words for the German word “Schnecke” and most of them have nothing to do with the little one I caught on camera here… We thought it was funny or even cute to find this thing in our blueberry, but then there was a second one. That was the moment we all asked ourselves how many of these we ate already… nothing for vegetarians though.

214bI simply adore the summer sun! Isn’t it breathtaking? 178bWhat would a summer be without a ladies-night!? We had a lot of catching up to do as every one traveled for weeks. It’s amazing to have such friends!253b 238bIn my hometown Rostock is the so called ‘Hanse-Sail’. It’s an every-year-event were a lot of ships come by from lots of different countries and then there are carousels and everything for the visitors. :) It’s a huge event every year and fun to visit. I even sailed with one of the big ships once, I was invited. It sure is beautiful to watch the sun go down over the water and then the ship’s lights turn on … 150bBack to berries! I love to take pictures of my smoothies and milkshakes, or even coffees. 240cAnd here we go, I took a selfie with my beautiful bike ‘Florita’. She insisted. ;)

You’ll here from me, and happy summer everyone!


Flora ♥


Just like that

Hey again!

Hm, so how could I start …  Okay. So yesterday I had a sleepover, two friends came over and I had a great time! I wonder why we aren’t doing things like this oftener. Would be nice! And before my beautiful guests came I had to clean up my room. Unfortunately for me I love plants but let them die all the time. I don’t know what my mistake is but they always have either too much or too less water! Ugh! So The following very amazing plant had to be thrown away yesterday, it broke my heart, here’s why:Ephoto8 001You understand? This isn’t even the best picture of it, but I like how it shows of the beautiful flower pot, haha! Back to the sleepover-talk. I hate to organize, don’t tell my mom but I loooove to do things spontaneously. Which is why I probably wouldn’t have anything to eat for my guests if my dad wouldn’t have been so gentle to buy pizza. I simply adore pizza. Even though it’s not healthy and stuff, but … well, it’s delicious. I placed it in front of my piano to make it look royal. 047And then I had the gorgeous idea of eating marshmallows, mini marshmallows, grilled in the flame of a candle. The problem was, it was a smell-candle (can I say it like that or is there a special name for smelling candles?) and after a while, the marshmallows tasted like the candle … too bad. But it was kinda funny.088Yeah… Oh, and I have that one bracelet I love.Just want to show it, because I don’t know what else to put in this article ;).188braceletOh, and I got a very stunning birthday present! It’s been quite a while since my birthday but one friend hasn’t seen me since so… I like it!184 And I wanted to share something from my former photo tour, I almost forgot about it. I found it in the neighborhood.304 303Who’s idea was that? Haha, I think they’re cuties. So, that’s it, just like that. I hope you all have a great time!


Flora ♥