Everything back to normal … almost

This is the third or forth week of school (is the time really running THAT fast?)  and I didn’t get to write anything yet because I am busy with school and hobbies, blah blah. So I have this new class (we have been mixed up) and it’s doing fine, well, I miss one of my friends, she happens to be in the other class :( … But hey, check out this banana! Isn’t it amazing? It was a few days ago and I was like – I need food … sprinkles … and banana … means … sprinkana? :D No idea. But look at it:

017And I finally started redecorating my room. I moved in there half a year ago, but some stuff I’ve never seen before and have no idea who it belongs to, so I get stuck with it. *Dadadam* But I fixed it, at least I tried. I think I still have to work hard to make my place the cutest room ever (being dramatic, much?) but the first angles look great already. I think they’re good enough to be shown:

040 045 047Oh.. and we have this crazy blackberry plant. Nobody wanted it to be there, nobody put it there, but still it grew in our garden between stones and it has some nice blackberries though! So I took the chance to add vanilla ice-cream and make a milk-shake. You have to know, I’m sooo bad when it comes to kitchen work or something, I mess everything up and the kitchen is ruined after I used it every time. This time I cracked a part of the shaker or what ever you call that thing. The blackberry milkshake was thrown all over the place, and my mum was mad at me … it was delicious …. :D Here, I even had the matching glass to drink it – nooo covered advertisement ;) –

011 014And then there is the field behind our backyard. Now it is empty and you had a great view a few nights ago – the moon was shining so bright you could see yourself leaving shadows. I took my camera and walked out there, all by myself in the middle of the night – huh! The neighbor’s dog started to bark … (I’m such a wannabe-gangster :P) this is the best photo I took (60 seconds exposure time):055It always looks better in real-life but this one’s my first where the moon is actually a moon on the picture and not some tiny little whatever. I really enjoy my life right now.(being philosophical again, I know). I’ve got these great friends and this family, I’m really lucky.




The Netherlands

My oh my, I have no idea how to express those tons of feelings in only one article. I’ve been in the Netherlands with the Youth Group from my community, that means 25 young people, yeah! The week was sooo crazy awesome, I feel so lucky right now. It was the best last-week-of-summer-vacation that I’ve ever had in my entire life… It was so much fun just to hang out with all the people, to play cards and to visit Rotterdam and Efteling. I am very very thankful for this week! Okay, so I’d love to share a few pictures. I didn’t take that much, because I had so much fun doing other stuff that I more or less forgot about it ;).

018 020 021That is where we lived, in the upper picture you can see the room I shared with my sisters and a friend, the lower pictures are showing the dining and living room. The house itself  was really cheap, but still lovely.

031This very interesting building was in our back yard, I thought it was a cute thing to photograph ;).

045 049 055Do you love candles as much as I do? We were hanging out in the conservatory with these. Sooo romantic! :3

These are my favorite shots from Rotterdam.

After that trip, I didn’t take any more pictures. But I will always keep in mind how wonderful this vacation was. And I hate the fact that I have to go to school again on Monday.

That’s it.