So, now the school year is over and I’ve had no school for three weeks. What did I do? The first week, we had bad weather here and I had no idea what to do with all this free time. I went shopping, but actually I was hanging out at home most of the time. This week I went every day to the beach, because it was getting sunny and warm. Yesterday, it was windy and the waves were very strong, there was a 11 year old boy missing. They looked for him like the hole day, and today morning they found them dead. Pretty sad … I don’t know why there are so many people drowning around here lately. Anyway, let’s get to the nice part: I was photographing our new arrivals in the garden – flowers! They’re just awesome!192 202 166 254 - Kopie 181 243And then, one evening about 10 pm, I went outside for whatever reason. Guess what I found … a hedgehog! It was so cute and not running away, I just couldn’t miss that opportunity and ran inside to take my camera. Here are the results:228 229 So far, there was nothing interesting happening, I’ll just keep going to the beach and photographing. 263

Bye for now,