Before – After


so today was the “Before-After” day for me, because I had to shorten my hair, well I had to let-it-be-shortened (what a crazy sentence!). Well, at least I made sure to have a “Before”-picture and I made an “After”-picture, but I liked my hair better before… It just had to be done :(.

Anyway, now I my hair is healthy and it will hopefully become more beautiful over the next year.. Here the prove-picture(sorry for bad quality, the light was bad and I shot it with the self-timer, when I edited it I zoomed too much in the pictures obviously. And don’t worry: After I washed my hair in the evening, it wasn’t looking so asymmetrical anymore ):FriseurTo make the day the perfect “Before-After”-Day, I made my favorite and very simple snack: the Egg-Tomato-Bell Pepper-Toast. All you need is an egg, a frying pan, salt, pepper, bell pepper powder, tomatoes , a toast and of course a toaster.012 013At first, broil the egg and toast the toast. Meanwhile you can cut a tomato into four pieces and cut one of them again. 011When both (egg and toast) are as good as you want them to be, take the egg, put it on the toast and add salt, pepper, bell pepper powder an the two particular tomatoes. Done!015 014Well, now we’ve got another before – after picture, doesn’t it look delicious? ♥FOODSoon I will publish some very nice pictures I took with my friends during the weekend. It was so much fun and I’m looking forward to sharing the best of them!

So far bye bye,