Oldie Goldie November Stuff

Hey guys!

I’m sorry for not publishing stuff thaaaat often but I’m trying, I promise. So, first of all, I want to show you something I’ve made for a friend’s birthday, I’ve got to say, I wasn’t thinking it was going to work out that well, but I was proud of what I created in the end. What am I talking about? Just watch.026It was her 16th birthday so I thought of something special. So I searched some nice, funny, creepy or amazing pictures of us, her or her and another friend and went to print them. It’s a pity that I don’t print all the good pictures that I take, but I’m sure some day I’m going to print them all and put them up on a wall. I think that photos are too great to get stuck in an album forever. Anyway. Into the book I wrote her some …. uhm… “messages” for 16 days (my handwriting is HORRIBLE so I hope she was able to read it!) where I included some of my stupid thoughts, songs she should listen to and of course a looooot of photos! Some are really embarrassing. 031And then there was that pen… don’t ask why I did that. I have no idea:

030 029It’s November and I don’t know where you guys live but here it’s getting colder and colder. It’s the best time to search in the closet, search for … socks! :D

002You will never get cold feet in there! I love these socks so much. And that skirt. I bought it in London, and ever since then I wonder why we don’t have that shop in our city yet!

P1120450I just made that picture today, It’s amazing how deep the sun already is at 4pm! And it delights some nice things like apples … trees… Haha. I’m just saying. They look different now, they changed their colors :). Love nature. Anyway. Here is an alarm clock I have in my room:

P1120455It’s not working anymore but it looks cute on my shelve. In general, old stuff is pretty cute! Talking about old stuff… I found these pictures we made in summer. We played around with the camera so don’t worry about the overexposure… :)284 203 077 - Kopie

Memories… ♥ That is what I love about pictures. One look and you’re so there again. :D It’s the same about music. When you have a song that you match to something special you only need to listen to it, close your eyes and it takes you all the way back.

So far, have a nice Sunday everyone!


Flora ♥