Carried away

Hello world,

oh my goodness, I haven’t published anything in ages! That’s why I’m going to write and write and write now. Sooooo much has been going on and I must say, life can be dangerously stressful. School was asking a lot of me and sometimes it’s hard not to drown in all the pressure. This article will not be very spectacular, I’ll show a few pictures I took in my little breaks in between. 003 038Somehow, I tried new hairstyles, but I often destroy them before I leave home. They never last long enough…Oh, and that pink what so ever plant in our yard was beautiful this year:219 002I’ve always loved to photograph nature. And then this bird ended up in front of my window. 031These are just a few things that were lighting up my gray everyday life. Not to forget the perfect colors that are shown by the sky from time to time:043P1140981And one thing that is always cheering me up is to do sports. Seriously. I love it.  And these jogging pants are soooo comfortable!039Well, so much about that. I wont wait that long this time to publish the next article, I promise.


Flora ♥


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