Root Out

Namasté! I tried to post something earlier but my creativity was taking a break… Oh, and I broke my finger, that makes it a little bit more complicated for me to type long texts… Anyway. Some time ago I had a friend over and we decided to use the sunshine and take some … well, interesting pictures ;). 012036 089 103Jup. And then I decided to go for a walk on Friday. I maybe should have warned my mum that I would be gone for several hours because as the sun started to say goodbye, she worried and went looking after me. How was she supposed to know I was only about three minutes away from our house at that time? But I enjoyed my walk, I made it to the forest and found lots of fallen trees!191 200 198 192I think that all that happened when the last storm hit our region. Hm… Oh, but before I was in between all the trees, a I got a cute scene before my lens. I once looked up all my pictures and noticed how I always photograph flowers or whatever plants but never every-day-life scenes. But the following one might be a good start.152After all I can’t help being amazed by all the details of plants. So …183 158As I sat down on a fallen tree in the forest, my camera battery was low and then died… so I was out there all by myself without a phone and without a watch, oops! This was the last picture I took:206Unfortunately for me I found the best things after my camera died, but I’m sure I will go again and then do the catching up. And something is telling me I might have found one of these ‘special places’ which I might soon call my favorite place to hide out when I need time for myself.

The weather by the way is just great here in Germany!


Flora ♥