Reasons to have a diary

Hi, hello and welcome again!

I was thinking about what I could blog about and I thought: Why not writing about how the special little thing called diary became something very important for me. Let’s get started!180I began in 5th or 6th grade. I hate the phrase “dear diary” and then to write like the diary was some imaginary friend or therapist so I don’t do it. For me it’s enough to write down the date, the time and the day of the week. It was hard to get myself to write often or even everyday, because sometimes I was too tired to do it or just forgot it or wasn’t motivated enough. But one day I managed to make it some kind of everyday routine. And I do it for a few years now. But what is the point?039At first, to keep memories. We all know how fast we forget about funny things someone said, or even just day trips, good things. When I read my older diaries it makes me smile so much because  I’m being reminded of all those little things that made these days special. And I notice how I changed over the time. How I would have handled things differently if I could go back in time.051Second, when I read it, I sometimes feel like my eyes have been opened. I read about former problems and suddenly I see how stupid I was. Or when I thought to much about something, that turned out to be nothing big at all. And that’s important for the now. I think about my current situation and maybe I see a commonality. My ‘past-me’ sometimes solves my problems.034Third, I have to rethink the present day, what was good, what made me sad, what has to be solved tomorrow, blah blah blah. And I have to decide what to write down and what not, what was important to me. And I do it subconsciously. 041Fourth, I can’t run away from my feelings. I know that it’s always better to face something instead of ignoring it. When I, like I said, rethink the whole day, I remind myself of my feelings. It’s one huge step to be happy, because in this way, I always know where things go wrong and have to reflect how I can work that out. 027Fifth, I practice writing. It’s no joke. Haha. People that know me also know my terrible hand writing, so I shouldn’t open my mouth too wide here, but I mean it. In school (at least where I live) it sometimes is important how fast you can write. And during the weeks of holiday, some people don’t even think of touching a pen, and when they’re back at school they feel like they have to learn to write all over again. Not the best argument, but still an argument though. :)046Sixth. Hm, I’m running out of arguments. Oh, a creepy one: When you have an accident, wake up and remember nothing and nobody, then you’ll just read your diary and you’ll be all good again! :D050Yes, now I’m out. I have to admit, it sometimes is annoying to write into the diary every evening but for those who are super-lazy I can say: It’s enough to write down three or four words. I call it nano-diary-writing. You write down the ‘Higlight Of The Day’ (Short:HOTD), the ‘Worst Thing Today’ (WTT) and the ‘Hope For Tomorrow’ (HFT). The next day you’ll see if you’re dreams came true and I find it amazing how sometimes everything I wished and prayed for came exactly how I wanted. 016Do you know any other reasons to write a diary? Do you already do it or why not? Let me know, I’m curious.

Thanks for reading (in case anyone reads this).


Flora ♥


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