Lonely and cold

Good morning everyone!

This post has to be read as a continuance of the old houses stuff, because I took these pictures yesterday on the same trip but considered them as a separate topic. What is this about? A field, a horse, and a lonely me walking through that fog. Awesome.  002It’s February but there are buds already! Yeah! Let’s just hope they wont be killed by some cold air until it’s spring. 275I found these while I photographed one of the buildings you can see here. I was – again – standing on a ground about which I wasn’t sure: Was I even allowed to stand there? I must say that I went pretty much ‘bad-ass’ yesterday. But … how far would you go for a picture? Hm…139 151As I walked and walked, I found a sign of human beings out there: a ladder. Yay, I’m not alone on this planet … :D104Well, I could have added this one to the old-houses article but I don’t know why, but I rather put it here. Can somebody tell me why I find this picture interesting? 169When I first walked over the field, I noticed these birds … and there were deers as well, but they ran of as I took pictures of the flying beauties. 192 201The reason why I walked so far in the first place weren’t any animals, but this cute hide. So I did something forbidden again, I climbed that ladder just to learn that the door upstairs was locked. And when I showed the pictures to my brother, he told me that only hunters should be up there … ups! But I don’t think that it is hunting season right now. 308Now, ladies and gentlemen, I represent you my village’s very oldest tree! Haha! Some say its a few hundred years old, others even claim that it must be over a thousand. But who knows, we all are not that old, are we? We could only tell if somebody cut that tree but we don’t want to kill the pride of our village!117Hihi, that’s me. I can tell you a story about that bandeau. My friend has one just like this and I fell in love with it. Not that I usually copy other people’s style but I simply wanted one just like that. I told my sister and one evening, she just came into my room, held this one up and said: “Look, I made you this, here you go, take it.” I was like “What?” because I was surprised and very thankful!

What is the last thing you were thankful for? Let me know! :D


Flora ♥


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