They never came back

I’m so sorry for not blogging anything in 2014 yet but I had no ideas … now I’m back, I have winter holidays and a lot of time! Yeah! So what did I do? Did I ever mention how I thought my village was sooo bad for taking landsape pictures? If not, I can assure you that I always said that to a friend who lives in one really small but very beautiful little village. I used to tell her how jealous I was, every time I visited her. But today I walked down our main road and discovered some old empty buildings that I thought might be interesting to photograph. And one house was really special, that’s why I’ll publish one extra post for it later.  Enough. Let’s begin! 008When I started taking pictures I was always feeling awkward when someone walked by and I barely dared to look at them. But I was getting used to it so I walked and walked and when I was back home I realized I was gone for 2 hours! And my fingers died … they were as red as tomatoes, haha. 012311265I love how walls turn out soo colorful in pictures. It’s not quite what it looks like in real life but I am simply in love with my photographs.279 269300 312020 018 054297So that are these buildings. Some of them are empty, some are not, but they’re all old :). Oh, and the following might not be house or something, but it’s something that is left behind. 290Yep. So much about that. I’ll post something soon. I wont keep you waiting this time.


Flora ♥


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