Number 30

I told you in the previous article, that one of the old buildings is a special one. I can’t tell why. It’s for sale and empty and bedraggled. I usually don’t sneak around other people’s properties but this one was … and exception. It’s got two apartments. One half is blue, the other some kind of yellow or orange. 034 224It’s the Number 30 of our village’s main street and on my way back home, I couldn’t resist to take a look in the backyard.226 236 235 232 227And the front walls were nice to watch as well.241 240043 042 037As you can see, the front door is open. I had to go inside. Don’t worry, the next door was locked, so I could only take pictures of the tiny first room.251 246 245 242Well, that’s why I wanted to show you the house number 30. I liked being around there, okay, I don’t know if I was allowed to do that but I saw no sign saying otherwise so… I just wanted my pictures. Haha. It was a little bit of an adventure.


Flora ♥


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