So that was Christmas

Hi hello and good afternoon!

My plan was to write one article. But then I noticed that I had to many pictures, so I decided to split it up. But basically this and the following article are one.  This one here is about the 24th (in Germany we start celebrating on the 24th, evening) and the next one about the 25th.  Aaanyway. First I want to drop the picture of our tree, like I promised. Well, we never decorate it like “so-many-red-and-golden-stuff-that-no-green-is-left”, we keep it quit simple but I like it that way. 030And then we have – of course – our Advent wreath. I must confess that it was hard to photograph it. But then I finally got a clear shot. Except from the fact that our candles are red and not pink, I think it’s a pretty good one. Oh, and I’ll add our lovely big shining Christmas Star from our  living room.139031When I went throw the Christmas Pictures that I took from last year I learned that I have to take waaayyy more pictures. So I annoyed my family the whole time and took like hundred pictures during two hours. That’s why I took a picture of that candle. I already ate a lot(!) of cookies and so on but as well-behaved as I am (Haha, good joke) I stayed at the table. But I was bored and then … click!077After playing some music for my grandparents I got my present. I chose it myself, so it was no surprise, but my old bag was like … fit for the dumpster and I was so looking forward to get my new one. Uhm, please ignore that dirty mirror. Seriously. I’m a bit embarrassed! 186My sister managed to make my hair curly that night. I didn’t expect these curls to last that long, but when I woke up the next day, I still had them. 257So that’s already it about the 24th of December. If you think this one was good, hold your breath and wait for the one about the 25th! Be prepared. Haha.

Love and a late merry Christmas,

Flora ♥


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