Jingle Waves all the way

Here I’m again to annoy you! Haha.

You may know or not, I don’t care, that I’m living at the Baltic Sea. I use to say: “Living, where other people go on vacation!” (Is that grammatically correct? Because it sounds so wrong. Please comment if it is! Thanks.) So we had a few guests on the 25th (okay, two) and ate together and blah blah nobody cares and then my mum offered to wash the dishes so we could drive to the beach. Yes or yes? Right. So we got in the tiny car (I felt like a fish in a glass) and took off. I don’t want to make anybody jealous here, but I’ve got to share these pictures. 148That’s where I live. Almost. I want to let the pictures talk. And I’ll through in lyrics of a song that is flying in my head. 150

I’m a phoenix in the water,

a fish that’s learned to fly.

And I’ve always been a daughter.

But feathers are meant for the sky.


So I’m wishing, wishing further,

For the excitement to arrive,

It’s just I’d rather be causing the chaos

Than laying at the sharp end of this knife.183

With every small disaster

I’ll let the waters still,

Take me away to some place real…

032They say home is where your heart is set in stone

is where you go when you’re alone

is where you go to rest your bones. 195

It’s not just where you lay your head

not just where you make your bed.

As long as we’re together, does it matter where we go?

Home… Home…

Gabrielle Aplin – Home

058We took some amazing jump pictures. The first one is my sister, the second my sister&me. I don’t know what I’d be without my camera. 075138 Well, now you know the adorable landscape around my hometown. This year’s Christmas was really really good, I thought it would be stressful and everything because I have to do something big for school, but everything worked out so well and I’m on cloud… uhm, which number does it have in English language again? I forgot. But you know what I mean. The special cloud. Oh my. I better stop writing before I do something that I’ll regret. (That itself sounds regrettable.)

Wish you all the best!


Flora ♥


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