Excuse you, Winter

Hi everyone!

You know, in Germany there is snow in winter … usually. It’s December and we haven’t had any serious snow yet, it is still “warm” (around 8 degree) and everything is green except from the trees. I mean that’s just crazy. Well okay, I can’t say that for Germany in general. I live at the Baltic Sea so that’s why it’s colder up here in summer and warmer in winter. Anyway. I was outside today, I repeat: TODAY and look at these flower pictures! Seriously? That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Now, how it looks this year:002 003 006 016 018And now compare it to the landscape last year, same time:003 (2) 794This is so weird. It feels like October. The only thing that reminds me that it isn’t is all the Christmas stuff in our house, the neighbor’s gardens and our ‘Christmas Market’ in Rostock. It’s North Germany’s biggest so I’m kind of proud, even though  it’s getting on my nerves when I’m in the city just to buy clothes or anything and *BOOM* too many people to move.  Anyway, I sneaked through the house today to take pictures of our very best Christmas decoration. 024026 027 028So lovely! And then there is some more stuff, not Christmas related but I never noticed it before, so why not showing it? It’s on top of a CD-shelf. Haha. Cat in a bird house. .

034 035And then I’d like to introduce two kinds of stars to you. The first one is a flower, I have no idea if the English translation also describes it as a ‘star’, but the German name is ‘Weihnachtsstern’ what means ‘Christmas Star’. The second is the following: I have a SHINING STAR in my room. I love everything shiny, If I could I would put up small lights all over my room. Yep yep. 023048So today is something special, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say (or write) that in public, you know, privacy issues blah blah but however, these adorable flowers are on our kitchen table and I had to photograph them. Too beautiful.043I don’t know what you guys are doing, but I’ve got no more school this year so I probably will get some rest. Yeeehaa. Maybe I’ll do a “Christmas post” with our tree and whatever. Just sit back, relax, have a beautiful Christmas everyone and enjoy your free days (in case you have those!)


Flora ♥


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