Summer fading away

It has taken some time, but now I am finally writing another article. We have sooo much homework, and last weekend I spent in Malchin and took part in an event called “JugendTage“, don’t try me to translate that … I had a great fabulous time, and my English isn’t good enough to describe it realistic and I’m not sure if my German is either … Just too good for words – and I didn’t take pictures, I was busy talking to new people, having fun, and other stuff. Anyway, every time I come home from school I hate that I don’t have enough time to go outside and watch the nature or something, it’s so beautiful, I love it. I did photograph a few weeks a go, but that was the day when summer took it’s last breath.016 014I’m so proud of my butterfly shots. I didn’t take any before, and that day it was windy outside but I managed to get a clean shot *Yes*. I just love photographing macro!  So what am I waiting for?031And while I’m talking by macro – after I take a shower, tiny drops are all over my hair, every time. This looks too cute so I couldn’t resist.039Usually I’m not that kind of girl that goes nuts for a piece of fashion or something beauty- stuff-whatever-thing. But I bought some stuff last week and it is like the only thing of my “fashion” that matches on purpose. 002 (2)Ha! What do you think? It doesn’t match my green-brown eyes that much, but I still think the color is awesome. I love wearing it with my sweater.

010 014 (2)And I also love playing the piano with nail polish on my nails, because I think that it looks cute then ;). 007 008

You can find the nail-polish here, the sweater is from H&M and the bracelet was a gift. :)

So now autumn took over completely, but a few weeks ago, I saw the very first arrival of it right in our garden: A mushroom! Hurray!002Soo, I probably will take more autumn-pictures if I have time to, but I hope so! I will have holidays in one week, and I’m going to join a musical-camp. I’ve been there last year – it was great. Until next time,


Flora ♥