Lovely London

Wow, if you’ve ever been to London, you know that 3 days are far too less for a visit! I went there last Sunday with my class and two other classes from my class level in a double decker. Last year in summer, I’ve been in London one day with my family, we were staying near Canterbury for one week. So it was nothing new to me – taking the ferry (even two years ago I’ve been in Southern England for one week), the weird sounding British accent, saying ‘sorry’ all the time to everybody you accidentally push or hit or whatever. Here two shots from last year (this is Canterbury, we stopped there on Monday before we drove to our guest families in London, but my camera was in my suitcase).

P1010596 P1010603 My guest family was great! I loved their pink front door, and their cute dog. 054And I found out how to regulate the focus with my camera, it usually does it automatically and I wanted to do it by myself. Now I can take pictures, that are not focused on purpose:

Anyway, we went to the center by bus every morning, and then we used to listen to a guide who told us about this and that, just what tourists do. It was hard to take good pictures through the buses windows, so I wont share them. But I have some others, just let the pictures talk:133 150 159 168 255 287 354And I also ate Fish&Chips when we visited Greenwich. I tried it before, but this one was awesome! We ordered it in some place and sat down in the park.318 327And yesterday, before we went back to Germany, we were shopping and chilled in the park as well (I love that London is having sooo many of them! It’s really green if you consider the fact that it’s a laaaaaarge city!)423 430 440Oh, and I totally forgot to mention that we stayed in Pinner. It is quite far away from the center, but still the traffic is really loud. I still liked it though.

063 420The long trip in the bus wasn’t that fun-raising, but all in all the trip was great. I hope I will get there again soon! :)