Above the trees

So today we did this family trip to a thing called “Baumwipfelpfad”, in English something like “Tree-Top-Path”. There are 1000m to walk up the path spirally until you are above all the trees. You’ve got a beautiful view up there! You see the water, ships, whatever is around. 020 003It is not only that 1000m path, look what they did on the way towards it:

010 011I think it is pretty cool that persons in wheelchairs can go there too, because there aren’t any stairs.So when I finally reached the upper platform, I was trying to take a panorama picture, but I haven’t figured out how to do it with my camera yet. Anyway, the view was breathtaking and I’m happy to share it.051 028 038And then there was this other thing, like a huge hearing device or something. I was able to hear the waves through it, even though they were very far away!015Last but not least the little museum or what ever it was supposed to be ;). I think they had some really cute stuff in there. 086 090 092So far, it has been a good day again, and the summer holidays are almost halfway over. Time is flying …

Well, that’s it, I guess.





So, now the school year is over and I’ve had no school for three weeks. What did I do? The first week, we had bad weather here and I had no idea what to do with all this free time. I went shopping, but actually I was hanging out at home most of the time. This week I went every day to the beach, because it was getting sunny and warm. Yesterday, it was windy and the waves were very strong, there was a 11 year old boy missing. They looked for him like the hole day, and today morning they found them dead. Pretty sad … I don’t know why there are so many people drowning around here lately. Anyway, let’s get to the nice part: I was photographing our new arrivals in the garden – flowers! They’re just awesome!192 202 166 254 - Kopie 181 243And then, one evening about 10 pm, I went outside for whatever reason. Guess what I found … a hedgehog! It was so cute and not running away, I just couldn’t miss that opportunity and ran inside to take my camera. Here are the results:228 229 So far, there was nothing interesting happening, I’ll just keep going to the beach and photographing. 263

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I am still alive!

Well, I really didn’t write in a while, because I had so much going on lately. First of all, Denmark was the greatest class trip I’ve ever been on. We were taking the ferry and the first day we had nonstop-sunshine and it was warm. Some classmates even got sunburns!  111We we’re cooking together – typical Danish and typical German food. It was really delicious, but I ate so much that I just couldn’t take the ice-cream, by the way, Danish ice-cream is the best I’ve ever tried! It is also the most expensive ice-cream, but it is totally worth it. 252After eating so much, we had to do some sports, some game … I actually forgot the name already. It’s almost like baseball, well, the ball isn’t a baseball and you hit it with some piece of wood, but the rest is alike. We played that game all evening.

Next day, the sun wasn’t showing up at all, we went to Copenhagen and visited the art museum. It was huge and for free. Then we also saw the palace and did the canal tours – don’t forget the ‘c’ !

341 279Then we had free time and ran around from store to store, ending up sitting in McDonald’s☺. Oh, and I loved the candy store! I already saw some like that in Sweden, but they’re still impressing! We went back to our ‘home’-city and just relaxed.

The following day, Friday, we went to see Nykøbbing, we visited buildings like some tower and a cathedral. And we really had another good day. I loved being with all the people, those from my class and the Danish ones♥.

400 405But the best thing was the last evening. We were all meeting (without the teachers) at a playground and just spent time together, took photos and stuff like that. Then we all ran down to the water where the sun was setting. It was really beautiful and I felt so lucky that I brought my camera. 456 459 467 479I will never forget the days there and I wish I could press the replay-button. Thank you, Denmark!

I will end this article here,