Back from Berlin

I’m sorry I didn’t publish any articles lately, but I had – again – a lot going on, it’s still summer holidays, that explains everything. I’ve visited Berlin with a friend and I had a pretty good time there. 183 Here is the so called  ‘Brandenburger Tor’, and even though I’ve been in Berlin quite a few times, I never came to go there before. It is not THAT spectacular, but a must-see-sight in Berlin. 189Here, as you can see, I photographed the ‘Reichstag’. Not the best perspective, but we only walked by so I had to take a picture quickly. The other day, we went shopping for 7 hours! It was fun, even though I dropped my money at the cash-point. Ooops! 195In the parks there were people like this on almost every corner. We have those in Rostock, too, but still: It’s fun tot take pictures of them. :)

We also visited ‘Madame Tussaud’s and the world’s biggest water-clock in the ‘Europa-Center’, but I’m not sure if I am allowed to upload the pictures of Mme Tussaud’s, and the water-clock doesn’t look that impressing on my pictures.

I hope I will get to go to Berlin again soon :).

This article is officially over.




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