Just a few words

Hey guys, my name’s Flora and I’ve just created this small tiny blog, why ever. Like always, the weather is great and I’ve nothing better to do than to sit inside ☺. Well, I should actually start packing my bags for the big trip tomorrow! With my class, I’ll be going to Denmark. It’s an exchange, so we already know our guest families. Today was the last school day for me this year, the big holidays are only two weeks away! I can’t even realize that by now.  Our class will be mixed up, so I’m a bit sad … But now it’s Denmark-Time! Soo exciting!


I love traveling! But I’ve never been out of Europe. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this trip. We will be seeing Copenhagen and have a barbecue so it’s gonna bee pretty romantic. ☺ ♥ Kidding. But I really need to collect my stuff now.

Bye for today,